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The Top 5 Tiger Fist Pumps of All Time

Tiger Woods won this week, throwing another fist pump in front of a ruckus crowd. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t be that outrageous, but when Phil does win a US Open, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ll  probably be just like that guy making sand angels in a bunker, but I’ll be watching at home, so I’d need to find a golf course. It’s a long process, but when it does happen you better believe I’ll be going as nuts as all the Tiger fans at the Tour Championship.


Now back to Tiger, is he back? I don’t want to jinx it and say no and then he ends up winning a major, but I can say that the man really loves his fist pumps. And they are pretty fire, although he’s usually throwing them in my face. That being said here are my top 5 favorite Tiger fist pumps in no particular order.


2018 PGA Championship


The fist pump that stole the show. Tiger didn’t even win. He didn’t even win. And yet this fist pump helped solidify Tiger’s comeback, only to set him up for a win later on at the Tour Championship. This was a fist pump right in the haters face and damn it I felt it.



2008 US Open


Another phenom of a fist pump and again not even for a win, just to force a playoff. The double clutch of fist pumps. I can’t even hate. It was great. Nike loves it too. I still think they use it in promos.



2005 Masters


Another Nike favorite and for good reason. Tiger got a running start for this one. He knew. He knew this putt was going in the second he hit it. The build up and the low scoop to leap. What a beaut…of a fist pump…the victory ehh.



2001 Players Championship


This fist pump might not have even broken the top 5 but when Gary Koch is teeing it up for Tiger to drop the hammer, it’s too perfect. The turn to the crowd and the straight upper cut in the face are what I think all Tiger fans dream of at night. They need more Tiger upper cuts. They feed off them. And this puppy is a porter house.


1997 TPC Scottsdale


Tiger’s first hole in one. Any one hitting a hole in one on the 16th at TPC Scottsdale causes mayhem. This is no different, except it was Tiger and we had no idea what we were in for. This was the Helen of Troy of fist pumps. Who knows. Does Tiger win 14 majors, if he doesn’t get a hole in one on 16 early in his career. Probably. But a fist pump for your first hole in one in the pros at TPC Scottsdale might even feel better than winning a major. Alright maybe not that good, but it’s gotta feel better than maybe winning your 5th major, somewhere in there.



Honorable Mention – 1999 Ryder Cup


The fist pumps being thrown around Brookline were electric. Almost as electric as what Team USA was wearing. Bring back that style. When Tiger is fist pumping in my face I hate it. Unless he’s fist pumping at all those Europeans as we come and snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. Tiger can fist pump all day long in match play especially when the team has Phil and probably my favorite golfer of all time, Payne Stewart. Man that team was the 1992 US men’s basketball team of teams. All for more Tiger fist pumps this week in Paris.



Congrats Tiger hope that 80 tastes good. That’s a good round number. Should probably stop there.