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GolfPass Grass Guru – Sheshan International Golf Club

WGC-HSBC Championship • Sheshan International Golf Club • Hole 9• Par 4 • 466 yds • by Eric MacPherson


This week, we have the final event on the tour’s swing through Asia – The WGC-HSBC Champions. The WGC brings us to Sheshan International. Coming from Nine Bridges, this course is a major downgrade in terms of bunkering.


It’s a major downgrade, unless you’re a fan of bunker fingers. Let me tell you pretty much every hole has several bunkers, with each having several bunker fingers themselves. The fairway bunker on hole 9 though takes the cake with 8 fingers.


I hate bunker fingers. Sure, they allow for ease of access to the bunker and can occasionally look cool, but they pile on the work for a greenskeeper. How much work can that possibly be? Well, if you’re working at a course that hosts a tour event you’re looking at a ton of work. First, you’re looking at spraying every individual finger on every bunker and in the case of this hole 9 behemoth that alone is 8 separate walking sprays in hot equipment lugging a heavy hose. After that you’re looking at fly-mowing each individual finger, and on top of everything they are probably hand watering them because they are quick to dry out. Sheshan is not kidding around with them either. They have over 133 bunker fingers…yes I counted. Over 133 bunker fingers that need maintenance.


Sheshan is not kidding around with them either. They have over 133 bunker fingers...yes I counted. Over 133 bunker fingers that need maintenance.


Starting to see why I’m not the biggest fan of bunker fingers? Sheshan International must have some seriously dedicated crew members or some really nimble sprayers. Either way, if you’re a fan of those little green tendrils you’ll love this course for me it’s a pass.




This week is also the Sanderson Farms Championship at the even blander Country Club of Jackson in Mississippi. Hard to pic a standout bunker of note here, so I’m going with the most unnecessary bunker on the course. The bunker before the fairway on 17. Who is ever gonna hit that? A pro is clearly going over and any normal person playing from the appropriate tee box will also easily clear it. It’s only coming into play for those heroes that think they are Tiger playing the tips with a double dig handicap. Actually, I’ve come around to liking it. Hope all those guys have their balls land in it. As for the pros this bunker will see absolutely zero TV time.