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GolfPass Grass Guru – Sea Island Golf Club

RSM Classic • Sea Island Golf Club – Seaside Course • Hole 13• Par 4 • 409 yds • by Eric MacPherson


The RSM Classic this week is at the Sea Island Resort in Georgia. The final full event of the season provides us with a nice, mellow roll into the holidays. Without all the thrills and fills of Mayakoba, Sea Island brings us back to reality with an easy and gently flowing course.


The Seaside Course, as the name suggests, is smack dab on the water with many holes wandering through marshes and sand dunes. This week’s bunker(s) are on hole 13. Right on the water, this fairway has three bunkers on the right side that blend right into the protecting sand dune, which is full of natural grasses. One, this look is amazing, pulling down some of that sand from the dune to help create a seamless bunker always adds to the look of a southern beach course. It’s like a more manicured wasteland which everyone, by now, should know is one of my favorite features. Two, while the bunker might look awesome – that crisp white sand, bordered by native grass, and the flat lip allowing the ball to roll right in – but these things are a pain.


One, this look is amazing, pulling down some of that sand from the dune to help create a seamless bunker always adds to the look of a southern beach course.


Beauty yeah, but imagine trying to keep that grass from creeping down the dune. Weeding these must be a full time job, especially when adding in all the other duned bunkers on the course. Imagine getting too close to the lip when mowing. My guess is that more than once they had a mower end up sliding down into these bunkers, or, at the bare minimum, had to repair some edges.


The Seaside Course is a beautiful course that anyone can play and play well. It looks good, plays good, what else do you need?


Bonus • Sea Island Golf Club – Plantation Course • Hole 12


This week the pros also play a round at the Plantation Course. A longer, but slightly less picturesque course, the bunkers here are on hole 12 near the left side of the green. Now beautiful yes, but I have a gripe with them. Why do architects feel the need to stagger several bunkers next to each other with just tiny slivers of grass between? You can’t mow it and you can’t ever imagine a ball coming to a stop on one. I get when it’s a multi level tiered bunker, or there’s a big enough sliver to make it potentially land a ball on. These are unnecessary, make it one bunker is that too hard to ask?


The bunkers here might be lacking, but the Spanish moss is on point. Not a good week for bunkers, not a good week to see big name golfers, but what a week for the Spanish moss fans. Name a more iconic duo than a southern course’s trees and the grey dangly stuff. You can’t.

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