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GolfPass Grass Guru – Le Golf National

Ryder Cup • Le Golf National • Hole 12 • “Le Goulet” • Par 4 • 433 yds • by Eric MacPherson


Ryder Cup week. I’m predicting an easy American win, but who wouldn’t love for it to come down to the final singles round on Sunday. The one and only time I root for Patrick Reed all year. Amirite?


Simply put, Le Golf National is a beautiful golf course and has plenty of bunkers that were competing for the coveted top spot this week. The course boasts a bunch of holes with only one tiny little bunker, a grounds crew’s dream. I love having to rake the small bunkers – the tinier the better, but that’s not where we’re going at Le Golf National.


Hole 12 is this week’s feature. A par 4 that boasts two snakes of bunkers lining the mounds of the fairway up front. The left side bunker is the longest, slithering along for what has to be over 100 yards(or over 90 metres for all those rooting for Team Europe this weekend). With the Bad Mama Jama on the left of the fairway, the right side bunker is no slouch and could very well see the most action of the two this weekend. Regardless, if either end up needing to raked and I was there, I’d put on an absolute clinic. Most parallel rake lines in the game over here.


Hole 12 is this week's feature. A par 4 that boasts two snakes of bunkers lining the mounds of the fairway up front.


The mounds that border the bunker on the right also deserve a shoutout. Hit it onto one of the mounds and you’re likely to have all sorts of lies. Hit it on to the rough side of the mounds, and you’ll probably wish you were lying in the bunker.


So there you have it. Hole 12 best bunkers on the course, but man I hope they don’t finish rounds too early because the 18th is quite the finale. We want nail biters because if they are winning by 5&4 or 3&2 we will all be seriously jipped of an amazing ending hole.